Carbon Credit

Carbon Credit

Any company’s decarbonization strategy must start with avoiding and reducing emissions in its operations and supply chains. However, carbon markets and the ability to offset emissions is also a vital part of the solution. Through such measures, businesses and consumers are able to put a price on their emissions, make choices about how to best to tackle them, and to provide an effective source of financing to net-zero, and even negative, emissions solutions.

A carbon credit represents the avoidance or removal of 1 tonne of carbon dioxide. These credits are traded among governments and businesses. In order to ensure the quality and integrity of carbon credits, there is a robust programme of third-party standards, verification processes and registries.

What is the benefit for your business ?

There are several advantages to compensating for your CO₂ emissions :

  • Annually, you will receive a carbon reduction certificate
  • Your company will demonstrate corporate leadership and strengthen its position
  • You can begin, or continue, sustainable business practices
  • You can meet the increasing demands of internal and external stakeholders
  • Your business can have a positive impact on communities around the world by offsetting through verified projects

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