Master Distributor for Caltex Lubricants in Malaysia

Our Lubricants are 100% sourced from Chevron Malaysia Limited (formerly known as Caltex Oil Malaysia Limited), which owns the “CALTEX” Brand. To ensure product availability, we manage our own lubricant inventory and work closely with our principal in providing the best services for our customers.

We assist our customers to achieve long term cost savings benefit by sharing with our customers all our lubricants experience and knowledge. Our close collaboration with Chevron is enhanced and supported with a comprehensive technical advice and services to customers.


Diesel Engine Oil

Delo Gold Ultra T SAE 10W40

Delo Gold Ultra T SAE 10W-40 is a high performance semi-synthetic heavy-duty engine oil designed to meet current ACEA requirements and the more challenging OEM specifications for Euro IV and V diesel engines.

Delo Gold Ultra T SAE 10W-40 features ISOSYN technology, a combination of premium base oils and additives, formulated to promote optimum diesel engine protection, and designed to provide robust shear stable and reliable long drain performance.

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Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40

Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40 is an API CJ-4 heavy duty diesel engine oil specifically formulated for on-highway and off-highway applications using either High Sulfur or Low Sulfur Diesel and can also provide protection for newer compliant low emission diesel engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). It is fully compatible with previous diesel engine models and previous API Oil Service Categories including API CI-4 PLUS. API CI-4 and API CH-4.

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Delo Gold Ultra SAE 15W-40

Delo Gold Ultra 15w40 is a high performance, multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of engines requiring API CI-4 or ACEA E7 performance lubricants, including those fitted Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and / or Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) emission control technologies.

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Delo Gold Ultra SAE 20W-50

Delo®️ Gold Ultra SAE 20W-50 is a high performance, multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil suitable for a range of diesel engines requiring API CI-4 or SL performance lubricants, and where a customer preference for high viscosity exists.

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Delo Silver Multigrade

Delo Silver Multigrade are heavy-duty diesel engine oils designed to lubricate engines requiring API CF-4.CF of SG performance lubricants.

Available in SAE grades: 15w40 and 20w50

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Delo Silver Monograde

Delo Silver is a monograde heavy-duty diesel engine oil designed to lubricate engines requiring API CF/SF performance lubricants.

Available in SAE grades: 10W, 30 and 40.

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Star Marine 500 20w50

Star Marine 500 20w50 is a multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specially designed to lubricate older high-speed diesel engines requiring API CF-4 or API CF performance lubricants.

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Natural Gas Engine Oil

Delo 400 NG SAE 15w-40

Delo 400 NG with ISOSYN Technology is a premium CNG/ LNG/ LPG oil formulated to delivery outstanding protection and long drain performance in a wide variety of medium and heavy duty CNG/LNG/LPG- fulled applications

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Enclosed Gear Oil


Meropa oils are high performance, mild EP, industrial gear lubricant formulated with a sulfurphosphorus additive system, which also provides rust and oxidation inhibition, a corrosion and oxidation inhibitor and a metal passivator.

Available grades: 68,150,220,320,460,680

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Hydraulic Fluids

Rando HDZ 46

Rando HDZ 46 is a premium quality, shear stable, multiviscosity, anti-wear hydraulic fluid, designed to give robust protection for hydraulic systems subjected to wide variations in ambient and operating temperatures.

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Rando HD

Rando HD oils are formulated with premium Group II based oils and additives, and are designed to give robust protection to hydraulic pumps in mobile and stationery systems

Available grades: 32,46,68,100,150

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Rando MV

Rando MV is a multi-viscosity, anti-wear hydraulic fluid, designed for use in hydraulic systems subjected to wide variations in ambient and operating temperatures.

Available grades: 15,32,46,68,100

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Hydraulic AW 68

Hydraulic Oil AW 68 is an anti-wear hydraulic fluid, specifically designed for use in mobile and stationary high pressure hydraulic systems.

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Transmission Fluid

Delo Gear EP-4

Delo Gear EP-4 are multipurpose lubricants. They are made from paraffinic base stocks and contain a carefully balanced additive package to provide gear protection and long lubricant life. The sulfur-phosphorus extreme pressure addtive technology used in Delo Gear EP-4 provides exceptional thermal and oxidation stability.In addition, this lubricant is fortified with rust and corrosion inhibitor, a foam inhibitor, and a pour point depressant. Available in SAE 90 and 140.

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Delo Gear EP-5

Delo Gear EP-5 is a high performance, multipurpose, thermally stable. EP automotive gear lubricant formulated with “ clean gear “ technology for applications where API GL-5 and/or API MT-1 performnce is required.

Avaiable in SAE 80W90 and 85W140.

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Texamatic 1888

Texamatic 1888 High performance, multipurpose, shear stable, anti-wear automatic transmission fluid (ATF) with Voith Turbo approval.

Texamatic 1888 is formulated with high performance hydrocracked base oils and the latest additive technology to provide exceptional oxidation resistance, extended oil life and outstanding wear protection.

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Havoline ATF-J

Havoline ATF-J is a high performance, multipurpose automatic transmission fluid (ATF) formulated in hydrocracked base oils which provide outstanding oxidation resistance.

Havoline ATF-J is specially engineered for Japanese passenger car automatic transmissions which require fluid properties different to conventional ATF products.

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Delo Torqforce

Delo Torqforce are high performance lubricants designed for use in transmissions, final drives, and hydraulic systems requiring a fluid meeting Caterpillar TO-4 or Allision C-4 requirements. They are also recommended for transmission and hydraulic systems manufactured by Dana Powershift, Komatsu, Komatsu Dresser, Tremec/ TTC, Vickers and SF.

Available in SAE grades 10W, 30, 50

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Coolants / Antifreezes

Delo XLC

Delo XLC is a non-nitrited extended life Antifreeze / Coolant formulation for heavy duty and light duty diesel vehicles and equipment. Delo XLC is formulated with an aliphatic corrocion inhibitor system available as a concentrate and a premix 50/50.

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Delo XLI Premixed

Delo XLI Pre-mixed is an environmentally sensitive, pre-diluted coolant and corrosion inhibitor based on extended-life organic acid Carboxylate Technology.

It is suitable for use in automotive cooling systems, stationary power generation engines and marine engines, where a glycol-based antifreeze is not required.

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Delo Starplex EP 2

Delo Starplex EP 2 is a premium, multipurpose EP automative wheel bearing and chassis grease containing an ISO 220 mineral base oil, a lithium complex thickener. EP additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors and tackness additives.

Dark red in color

Product Data Sheet
Delo ® Starplex ® Moly 3% EP2

Delo Starplex Moly 3% EP2 is a premium, multipurpose EP grease. It contains an ISO 320 base oil. Lithuim complex thickener , EP additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors, tackiness additives, and molycdenum disulfide.

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Multifak EP

Multifak EP is a multipurpose EP grease containing highly refined mineral base oils, lithium thickener, extreme pressure (EP) additives and rust and oxidation inhibitors. Multifak EP is suitable for multipurpose industrial and automotive applications.

Available in EP 0, 1,2,3

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Multifak Moly EP 2

Multifak Moly EP is a dark grey, multipurpose EP grease primarily designed for construction, mining and agricultural equipment where an extra measure of protection in shock loading conditions is required.

Multifak Moly EP contains a highly refined ISO VG 220 mineral base oil, lithium soap thickener, EP additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors, plus molybdenum disulfide solid film lubricant.

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Thermatex EP 2

Thermatex EP is a non-melting, EP grease formulated from a highly refined ISO 100 mineral base oil, an organoclay (bentonite) thickener, and an effective EP agent for high temperature applications where frequent re-application is available.

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Marfak 00

Marfak 00 is a general purpose long-fiber viscous and sticky grease containing a high viscosity mineral base oil and a sodium soap thickener for use in general purpose automotive and industrial applications. It provides a tough, durable lubricating film that resists squeezing out and provides good rust protection.

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Ultra Duty Grease 2

Ultra-Duty Grease is a premium, heavy-duty EP grease containing a high viscosity mineral oil, lithium thickener, effective EP additive, rust and oxidation inhibitors and tackiness agent. Ultra-Duty Grease has stay-in-place properties that make it particularly suitable for automotive equipment operating in wet, muddy or dusty conditions. Red in colour.

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Sri Grease 2

SRI Grease - a specially formulated grease containing a highly refined paraffinic base oil, synthetic polyurea ashless organic thickener and high performance rust and oxidation inhibitors, for the lubrication of anti-friction ball, needle and roller bearings operating at speeds up to and above 10,000 rpm, operating at higher temperatures, or where water or salt water may penetrate bearings.

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Texclad 2

Texclad 2 is a proven performance, adhesive open gear grease based on a water-stabilized calcium thickener and high viscosity mineral oils. Containing graphite and molybdenum disulfide additives to offer reliable protection in heavy duty operations.

Texclad 2 has a smooth and buttery texture, black in color.

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Agriculture oil

1000 THF

1000 THF is a high quality, multifunctional tractor hydraulic fluid, specially formulated for use in transmissions, final drives, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems of tractors and other equipment employing a common fluid reservoir.

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Super Tractor Oil 15w-40

Shear stable, multi-viscosity super tractor oil universal (STDU) fluid designed for use in tractor engines, transmissions, final drives and hydraulic systems.

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Compressor Oils

Cetus DE 100

Cetus DE is a premium performance, synthetic compressor oil based on diester technology and containing an ashless inhibitor system, providing protection against corrosion and outstanding oxidation resistance under severe operation conditions.

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Compressor Oil EP VDL

Compressor Oil EP VDL is a high performance, petroleum- based compressor oil specifically designed for severe operating conditions. Compressor Oil EP BDL delivers stable high temperature oxidation resistance with reduced deposit formation on pistons and valves, excellent corrosion protection, foam inhibition and extreme pressure performance

Available grades in 32,46,68,100

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Turbine Oil

Regal R & O

Regal R & O is an inhibited turbine oil formulated from highly refined base stocks and rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors.

Available grades in 32,46,68,100

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Rock Drill Oil


Aries is a high performance lubricant for percussion-type air tools, which is formulated from highly refined mineral oils, extreme pressure, oiliness and tackiness additives, emulsifiers, rust and corrosion inhibitors, and anti-foam and anti-fogging agents.

Available grades in 100,320

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Heat Transfer Oil/ Hot Oil


Texatherm is a highly refined, thermally stable mineral oil-type transfer fluid formulated with premium base oil technology. For use as a heat transfer fluid in both closed and open heat transfer systems with forced circulation

Available grades in 32,46

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Refrigeration / Air Cond Oil

Capella WF 68

Capella WF is a high quality, essentially wax-free oil for the lubrication of refrigeration and airconditioning compressors when refrigerants other than HFCs (hydroflurocarbons) are used. Made from special, narrow cut naphthenic base oils with an extremely low pour point and Freon Floc point.

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Marine Engine Oil

Delo 1000 Marine

Lower alkaline reserve (12 Base Number) trunk piston engine oil (TPEO) designed for use in high specific output, medium-speed trunk piston engines burning distillate fuels with sulfur content up to 1.0% under severe conditions in marine or stationary service. Based on Phenalate TM technology. Reduces maintenance costs. Maintains power output. Prolongs oil change-out periods. Efficient purifying system performance.
Available grades in 30,40

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Taro ® DP/XL Series

High alkaline reserve (30, 40 or 50 Base Number) trunk piston engine Oil (TPEO) designed for use in high specific output medium-speed trunk piston engines burning high sulfur residual fuels (over 2.5% sulfur). Particularly suited to high load factor operations in marine or stationary service and where heavy residual fuels with high asphaltene content (vis broken residue) are used. Reduces maintenance costs. Severe duty operation. Prolongs oil change-out periods. Efficient purifying system performance. Available grades in Taro 30 DP SAE 30,Taro 30 DP SAE 40 ,Taro 40 XL SAE 40, Taro 50 XL SAE 40

Product Data Sheet Product Data Sheet Product Data Sheet
Taro Ultra 70

Taro Ultra 70 is a high performance 70 BN SAE 50 cylinder lubricant intended for lubricating slow-speed engines at very high mechanical and thermal loads. It is blended from highly refined, paraffinic base oils and carefully selected additives to provide superior ring and liner wear protection and excellent piston cleanliness in slow-speed crosshead engines. Taro Ultra 70 has been developed specifically for high pressure and high-temperature applications.

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Pinnacle® Marine Gear 220

Pinnacle® Marine Gear is a fully formulated, quality synthetic gear lubricant based on a mixture of polyalphaolefins and diesters. It offers excellent oxidation stability at elevated temperatures, extended oil drain life and outstanding wear protection.

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Specialty Lubricants

Transformer Oil BSI

Transformer Oil BSI is an efficient performance non–inhibited electrical insulating oil, suitable for use where insulating oils meeting IEC 60296:2003 transformer oil specifications are required. It is formulated with highly refined naphthenic base oil and does not contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

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PMO 220

PMO oils are specifically designed for use in the cen¬tralized lubrication systems of paper machines.

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Lubricants Value Added Services

Lubrication management

Typical lubrication management includes:

  • On Site Service support
    • Trouble shooting and problem solving at site
    • On site inspection for critical equipments to ensure reliability
    • Lubrication plant survey or plant assessment
    • Lubricant and application recommendation by engineers
    • Automatic lubrication system inspection and advice
  • Training and knowledge
    • Product knowledge, oil sampling process, used oil report interpretation, auto-lube system operation, filtration, drain intervals optimization and lubricants rationalization

Used oil analysis service details

Used Oil Analysis is an early warning system capable of providing a continuous picture of a lubricant's current condition, plus valuable insight into the health of the equipment itself.

  • Early warning or prediction of equipment malfunction or failure
  • Maximum oil drain periods
  • Assurance that the correct lubricants are being used
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased machinery value

Using regular oil sample analysis, Chevron Used Oil Analysis generates easily understood tables of oil test results to which comments about equipment and lubricant condition are attached. Oil condition trends are plotted in graphical format, and a simple-to-read report is produced.

Selling Chevron Lubricants

All customers inevitably seek cost-reducing propositions from suppliers. Typically this is achieved through discounts on purchase prices. By contrast, Chevron lubricants, being relatively expensive in terms of RM/Kg or RM/Liter, are sold under the theme of “value adding”, which we believe serves better purposes than mere discounts.

Our model considers the total operating costs. In other words, these are expressed in RM/ hour by incorporating such factors as competitive Lubricant price, reduced consumption, extended component life, and reduced downtime and disposal costs. By increasing overall cost effectiveness, higher net profit margins can be attained.

Chevron offers the commitment and advantages of Reliability-Based Lubrication (RBLTM), through a powerful combination of industry knowledge, targeted products, and customized services. Together, we work with you to establish a lubrication program that will help run your equipment reliably, your work sites efficiently and your business more profitably.

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